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Get Out of Your Own Way Day

9am Tuesday / August 25, 2020 \ Boss Centre is 

Get Out of Your Own Way Day

Build your marketing portfolio with a suite of useful tools to deliver your marketing message.

When the heads of three incredibly passionate small business marketers come together (figuratively speaking), you know magic is just around the corner.

For some of us, lockdown has forced business change. For many, our brain has been in overdrive, and heaps of new ideas and directions were conceived. For all, things are going to be different on the other side. The one thing that we’re confident about, is that our position as experts is up to us. That how we make our customers feel right now, is more important than ever. Our full day workshop is focused on preparing small business owners for the “other side”.

So, what is involved?

Utilising the complimenting skills of each of the three enablers, and borrowing a little from their personality, a day to focus on your business. The order of the day is:

  • We will begin the day with what some would call “networking”. You can call it breaking the ice, making new friends, catching up with old ones… anything like that. Whatever makes you comfortable.

  • We will have a bit of an intro, release the schedule and then straight into the fun stuff.

  • Throughout the day, there will be individual sessions to bring out your inner expert.

  • Running alongside these is a marketing workshop that is focused on your brand and your customers.

  • The day will conclude with a panel discussion where you can ask us anything (business related!!) you’d like!

Record an Expert Interview with Jackie Campbell

Jackie loves to listen to stories and help others tell theirs. She finds solutions to problems, open doors to opportunity and shares what she has learned with anyone who would like to listen. Jackie believes are here to do more than to work to generate money to pay bills – that by working together to solve problems and give each other a voice we can all achieve far more than we ever dreamed possible.

What does Jackie do?

Jackie helps you to put the human into your brand. Her unique and relaxed style of leading a conversation brings the story of you – and your brand – to life. Together, you will create an interesting interview demonstrating how and why you became the expert you are. Recorded in a way that makes it easy to repurpose into a multitude of content pieces, across any platform.

Create an Actionable Plan with Sally Sims

Sally is all about your customer. She brings ‘big business’ insight and translates that for the ‘little guy’. Utilising the advances in technology to create systems and procedures designed to enhance the end customer's experience, while decreasing admin time. Delivering time savings and hip pocket improvements to her customers is what gets her really excited.

What does Sally do?

Sally will be running a number of workshops throughout the day that will transition what you’re learning into an actionable plan. Sessions will include delving into your existing marketing, how you can use your shiny new tools, and some things to change in order to move forward. With most of the ground work completed throughout the day, and action items chosen by you, you’ll have no excuses when it comes to implementing everything that you’ll learn.

Capture an Expert Headshot by Kirsten Graham

As a photographer, Kirsten is a visual storyteller. She loves working with businesses in being able to create unique images for them to use in their marketing that compliment their brand and their story. Real people, doing real things, in real businesses. This is where we are in our element.

What does Kirsten do?

Kirsten will be bringing your story to life with a set of headshots that are designed to match your brand. A makeup artist will be on hand to enhance your natural efforts so that your brand is what we see when looking at your images.

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We’ve added it all up. Business owners who have sought our services individually have paid $820 excluding GST all up…. and possibly didn’t have the same amount of fun!

All this for $400 including GST is amazing value.

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9am Tuesday / August 25, 2020 | Boss Centre \ 12 Cale St, Midland

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