About Sally Sims

Inspired by small business owners who are passionate about their business product, Sally is energised by her work with clients to increase their effectiveness, and improve the quality of work-life balance for the individuals involved. The ultimate reward is to see business increase margin and reduce wasted effort.

Your business’ website is an ‘Asset’

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I was chatting with Dad a little while ago, and asked him why, after growing up on the farm, and spending so much time with him working hard with the animals and machinery, did I have such a limited knowledge of mechanics…. Dad started giggling… until he realised [...]

Marketing Stocktake – A health check

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Sales and marketing are an important part of business. Some even call it a “necessary evil”! Has your brand developed over time? Are you constantly adding new tools to your toolkit? Are all of your customer interactions working well together? Inconsistency in your brand or communication style [...]