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Marketing Plan.

Create a powerful marketing plan to drive your business.

FROM $2950

We’re experts at strategy development and a truly believe that a powerful and manageable marketing plan can help turnaround any business. There’s no need to do this blindly or just wing-it all!

We help you to look at the big picture – focus on the strong points of your business – and help you come up with ways to increase your business success.

During the process, we’ll guide you through all key aspects of marketing to ensure nothing major is missed.

Finally, you will end up with a simple, action-oriented marketing plan that you can put into practice and morph as time goes on and you start tracking the success of the strategies you choose.

What you get:

We’ll meet with you to discuss your business & what you want your marketing efforts to achieve (2-3 hours). We’ll work with you to design a marketing plan to help achieve your goals. We will provide you with simple guidance as to various marketing strategies that you could use & you can select what is most appropriate for your business. As people are the biggest part of any brand, we’ll run a workshop with up to 5 staff so that you can involve the relevant people in planning of your goals.

We’ll develop the marketing plan based on the discussion/workshop we have with you. It’ll be clear and concise. With some tracking tools to make managing it all easier. All you’ll need to do is simply update & track the progress of the plan. We will also supply a marketing budget template specific to your plan so that you can calculate what the marketing strategies will cost you. You’ll be able to use all of this info to report on the success of your efforts and this will help guide you on what to continue with.

We’ll come back to you and run through the plan so that we can cover off any loose ends. When we present the marketing plan for your business, we will also go through the key steps required to implement the marketing plan. Many aspects may be able to be coordinated by you &/or your staff. If you would like additional support in implementing any or all of the marketing plan, Simplifi can help.

Your new Marketing Plan is designed to be implemented, and we don’t leave you in the lurch! We will check in every few months to see how you’re going.

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* Note: starts from $2950 +GST, for a small business with straight forward marketing needs. Multiple markets (local/overseas), numerous lines of products/services and some other elements will increase the fees. Please enquire and we’ll give you a quote to think about.