A Marketing Plan to boost your business

Create a powerful marketing plan to drive your business.

We’re experts at strategy development and a truly believe that a powerful and manageable marketing plan can help turnaround any business. There’s no need to do this blindly or just wing-it all!

We help you to look at the big picture – focus on the strong points of your business – and help you come up with ways to increase your business success.

During the process, we’ll guide you through all key aspects of marketing to ensure nothing major is missed.

Finally, you will end up with a simple, action-oriented marketing plan that you can put into practice and morph as time goes on and you start tracking the success of the strategies you choose.

What you get:

MARKETING PLAN – With Full Digital Marketing Analysis & Plan.

A full review of your business’ current marketing strategy and a comprehensive review of your customer base and related processes. We create a marketing plan with your input and from numerous outside channels.

We ensure your marketing goals are clearly identified and create an achievable and data-driven marketing plan. This includes:

Two meetings (1-2hrs each) to discuss business goals and strategy. This covers the “7 ‘P’s’ of Marketing: Product, Process, Place, Price, Promotion, Physical Evidence and People”. This includes collation of all customer facing material (brochures, proposals and letters, quotes and invoice templates, social media, website, customer management processes, style guides (formal or informal). We’ll also review back office processes and systems such as Sales Pipeline management and Operations Management. We gain an understanding of your target markets and what motivates them into action. In addition, we assist in some general market research to better understand competitors, economic factors and budgets for your main business stream. Previous results are drawn from your existing marketing efforts and data is drawn from other sources available to us.

A report on the outcomes of the review, and the overarching Marketing Strategy for your business. A full digital audit is included with key opportunities identified. This includes a focus on Content Marketing and covers off: Purpose and Goals – Audience – Story – Processes – Measurement. Ideas for SEO content topics, keywords and competitive subtopics are identified, and can be used as a guide to build content that adds value to your clients, your engaged community and at the same time to the google-gods. An approach to ongoing SEO will also be mapped out to be used as a guide moving forward.

A step-by-step guide to implementing the determined strategy. This includes Key Performance Indicators. A set of measures to check the success of the Plan.

A meeting (1hr) to deliver the results and plan the implementation of the Marketing Action Plan. We help you get ready to put all your marketing activities into action and get the ball rolling.

* Note: This is for a small business with straight forward marketing needs. Multiple markets (local/overseas), numerous lines of products/services and some other elements will change the approach. Please enquire and we’ll give you a quote to think about.