Email Marketing.

Reach customers directly with email marketing & set a clear e-communication strategy.

FROM $850

Use email marketing to directly reach existing and potential customers. Don’t rely soley on social media – email marketing gives you back the control!

We will help you identify what you want your email marketing to achieve and how you will use it. You will end up with a fully designed email template plus training on how to prepare, send and track the success of each edition. We’ll get the first edition out for you. You will be in control of future editions and related expenses.

What you get:

We have a chat about your business and processes, then combine this with our system knowledge to help guide your Mailchimp account setup. Actual tasks to be confirmed as part of the process, and include basic mapping of your enquiry to cash process.

The enquiry to cash process map will enable us to best create a plan for your automated customer interactions as well as your regular eNewletter. We will provide you with simple guidance as to the laws, privacy, data security, anti-spam & other issues that come with email communication.

We design the email marketing template for you plus the actual development of the first edition, and an Automation (e.g. a Welcome Email or a Thank You Email). Together we’ll choose the best way forward and will let you know exactly what we’ll need from you to get it all happening. Throughout the design process, we’ll use your existing logo & other images you already have to make sure the style of your brand is reflected. Finally, you will need to give us all the words, although if you’d like we can refine & edit the text or arrange additional images, photos or design if required at an additional cost. You will also need to supply the list of customer emails. If you need help collecting email contacts, additional services can be arranged.

We’ll develop the templates based on what we’ve agreed. We collate all text and images you supply. You approve it. We send it out.

The emails can link to your website or other documents or any links – whatever you think is best. You’ll get a chance to review the template & the first edition before we send it out for you.

We’ll get the first edition out for you. You will receive an easy-to-follow guide for future editions, a plan on the automations that will match your enquiry to cash process (don’t forget review requests!) along with checklists to guide you. You’ll also be provided with a report on the success of the first email marketing campaign. We’ll show you how to use that information to maximise your effectiveness and to keep an eye on how the campaigns go.

Once the first edition is out, we’ll meet with you to discuss the future editions, run through some basic training on how to do it (up to two staff) & supply you with a printed step-by-step guide. If you would like us to prepare & distribute future editions, please see our 12 Month package below.

* Note: starts from $850, for a small business with straight forward marketing needs. Help putting together a complete contact list, content and images  and some other elements will increase the fees. We’re happy to help, so please enquire and we’ll give you a quote to think about.

Additional Email Marketing Options.

The tools used to create your email marketing have loads of additional capabilities and the options are endless. You’re limited only by our combined imaginations!!


Of course we’ll do all that is listed in the email marketing section you’ve just read (above), but there is so much more that we can help you with. Just contact us and we can talk through it all with you. For the longer-term jobs we are more than happy to offer a monthly plan.

What you could get:

We give you all of the information to be able to supply a contact list in the format that is useful, but we also understand that sometimes this is difficult. If you’d like our help, we’re happy to. This would be charged at an hourly rate, so the more you do, the cheaper it is for you!

Nobody knows your business and your industry as well as you do! We encourage you to write as much as your content as you can. We’re happy to do a little editing and tweaking as a part of the package above, but if you’d like extra help, of course we’re here. We put together content and source images that are consistent with your brand. This is charged at an hourly rate, so the more relevant and interesting content and images that you provide, the more you’ll save!

Most businesses have multiple platforms, programmes and apps that they use. Some of these talk to each other well, others need a little help. The ones we use are chosen because they do play nicely with each other. We can work with you to help streamline your customer and communication management, and reduce duplication and wasted effort through integration.

Bring your customer service to life with automation! We can help you tailor your on going customer communications plan to suit your business’ needs. Whether it’s a thank you, possibly a follow up service or associated products that compliment your customers’ initial purchase. The opportunities are endless!!

Everything that is included above, followed by the collation and sending of the remaining 11 months’ editions. We touch base each month to check the strategy and get additional content and images. We provide a report each month showing the success of your eNews.