Online Presence Snapshot.

You don’t get a second chance to create a first impression! The digital world is now the place to be seen.


Do you know what your potential customers see about your business when researching? With up to 80% of the purchase decision made before potential customers contact a business, and first impressions lasting, knowing you’re in control of your first impressions is pretty valuable.

What we cover in an Online Presence Snapshot.

1. A review of your existing website.

We highlight key strengths and weaknesses and focus on testing your site’s:

  • user experience
  • domain name relevance
  • responsive design
  • branding
  • call to action
  • speed.

2. Google-ability.

We report on your site’s ability to be found through the key search engines – google and bing. This covers organic search and business/places listings.

3. Branding and Wider Online Presence.

We review your business in a more general digital sense. We review your:

  • Social Media Presence
  • Use of other online platforms and channels
  • Online listings strength
  • Other relevant aspects to your business, which sometimes overlaps to you as an individual if you are a micro-business.

3 simple steps:

We’ll ask you a couple of questions to help us in the right direction, and get you to book in for a 20 minute chat to discuss the results.

We’ll go away and research what we can find about you and your business. We look at your website, what we see on Google and Bing, what social media and other searches bring to the surface… and use some other tools as well!

We prepare a couple of pages with some ratings, some screenshots of what we find and some strengths and weaknesses of your profile. We then pick up the phone and talk you through it.

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