Marketing Stocktake.

Get a marketing health check to see how it’s going.

Whether it’s personal or business health, we recommend a thorough check-up every couple of years or so.

Your business and it’s brand is an ever evolving entity. Inconsistencies in your sales, marketing and administration communication styles can be detrimental to your overall effort. Know that your customer interactions work well together.

There are 8 areas that we review including who your customers are, what your business goals are, and how your team interact with your customers from incoming enquiries through to collecting the cash. We highlight what we see as your strengths, and if there are any improvement suggestions that we find, we’ll make note and let you know.

What you get with your Marketing Stocktake:

We’ll meet with you (1-2 hours) to learn about your business & what your marketing efforts are. We’ll discuss your customers and how you communicate with them. We’ll ask for templates and examples that we’ll be able to review in our own time. As people are the biggest part of any brand, we’ll also talk to some of your staff, too.

We’ll develop an in depth, but easy to read report based on the discussion/workshop we have with you. It’ll be clear and concise. It will cover each of the areas of your marketing that you have control over. Also, we’ll put together a list of key action steps to help improve the effectiveness of your efforts.

We’ll come back to you and run through the report (1-2 hours). We’ll answer any questions you have, and provide some insights and ideas. We’ll discuss the action list, and confirm which of the highlighted actions will be key for you over the next three months. We’ll check back in a few months to see how you’re travelling. If you would like additional support in implementing any or all of the marketing plan, Simplifi can help!!

* Note: starts from $850 +GST, for a small business with straight forward marketing needs. Multiple markets (local/overseas), numerous lines of products/services and some other elements will increase the fees. Please chat to us and we’ll give you a quote to think about.