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ServiceM8 Training | Face-to-face Perth & Adelaide | Online Australia-wide.

We can help you get your head around the system. Whether you’re new to ServiceM8 or have already given it a red hot go. ServiceM8 Training can help you get more comfortable with the system and see just how much it can do for you.

Our belief is that the more you learn the system and understand what it can do for you, the better your Return On Investment. Implementing ServiceM8 can take time and with our training, we can help you meet your launch date faster and more efficiently.

ServiceM8 Training is a critical aspect of our client support.

It is a key stage before each business launches ServiceM8 and is always included in our ServiceM8 Setup Packs. We love to train the business owner on the full use of the system and always cover off training on how to use the ServiceM8 App for the rest of the team.

Ad-hoc training is also available as clients progress through ServiceM8 roll-out and of course we can also just deliver ServiceM8 training to your business without any other commitment. It can be useful to connect your ServiceM8 account to us as your ServiceM8 certified partner, so we can jump in and see your setup before the training.

We also provide separate 1-on-1 or group training as you need it.

Our training can be done face-to-face in Adelaide and Perth, or online.

ServiceM8 Training by Simplifi

ServiceM8 topics we train on regularly include how to use of ServiceM8 as well as how to setup the behind-the-scenes parts of the system.

We offer complete training packages, or hourly sessions and train on all ServiceM8 topics such as:

  • Dispatch Map
  • Tasks
  • Recurring Jobs
  • Calendar
  • Staff Schedules
  • Job Queues
  • Single Site Customer
  • Multiple Site Customers – Real Estate Agents, Builders, etc
  • Merging data from other customer systems (no individual client entry required)
  • Quotes & Invoicing
  • Document Types
  • Changes to other information within the Job Card
  • Assigning and Allocating Jobs
  • Closing Jobs and Sending Quotes and Invoices
  • Cancelling a job
  • Receiving Payment
  • Partial Payments (Stage Invoices and Deposits)
  • Sending an Invoice to Xero, Quickbooks, or MYOB
  • Automation to streamline client communication
  • Badges
  • Further automation through Mailchimp
  • Staff Setup
  • Security Roles
  • Timesheet Management and best ways to work with Accounting payroll systems
  • Network Request Templates
  • Network Contacts
  • Bulk upload of Materials & Services
  • Working with labour rates and the Job Profitability function
  • Integration with the cloud accounting package Xero, Quickbooks, or MYOB
  • Self-Serve Online Booking
  • Integration of online Booking into your existing website & all digital channels
  • Management of enquiries
  • Email and SMS Templates
  • Document Templates
  • Email automation and follow-up through Mailchimp (yep, we’re a certified Mailchimp partner too!)
  • What can be done with Forms?
  • What can be done with Services?
  • What can be done with Job Templates?
  • Creating a new process flow
  • Creating a Service
  • Creating a Form
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Allocated Jobs
  • Inbox Jobs
  • Use of Services & Job Templates
  • Asset Setup and Use
  • Knowledge setup and use
  • Adding & working with additional fields to meet the needs of your business

ServiceM8 Training – Book in now!

We like to build long term relationships with our clients that enable you to address immediate needs and identify the best ways ServiceM8 can help you grow your business in the long term.

For some clients it a brief one-off training session to help troubleshoot current issues. Then further sessions over the years as they are needed.

For others, we train on-demand and can help you pull together all the various aspects of ServiceM8 Training in a constantly morphing ServiceM8 Training Manual – developed just for your business. This approach is popular as it enables you to progress through different aspects of ServiceM8 without investing just in the current staff’s skills.

We can create a manual (which we strictly version control) for your business to continue to use. The manual is always at your fingertips and can be used when any new staff come on board. We prepare manuals for the Admin and Management (ServiceM8 desktop version) and for your Technicians (ServiceM8 App).

Keen to get going? Drop us an email and we’ll get in touch. Or, better still, test out our Online Booking System – all done on ServiceM8 of course!

  • Experienced Trainers

  • Face-to-face training in Adelaide and Perth

  • Online Training Australia-wide

  • 1-on-1 & Group Training


Online Enquiry powered by ServiceM8

Online Enquiry powered by ServiceM8

…and test out our own ServiceM8 booking system for yourself!


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