ServiceM8 Form.

Backflow Prevention Device – SA

Are you a Plumber in SA? Need to complete the SA Government’s Backflow Prevention Device form from the Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR)?

Backflow prevention devices must be installed and commissioned by a licensed plumber with backflow prevention accreditation on their licence.

The backflow prevention device commission, inspection and maintenance report must be forwarded to the OTR within 7 days of completing the work.

Note: This form is valid as at 01 Feb 2023.


This straightforward Commission, Inspection and Maintenance Report form helps streamline your OTR requirements for all relevant jobs.

It captures all information regarding:


Preset with responses to select from where relevant.

It captures all information regarding:

  • Test details
  • Device location
  • Certification
  • Test results
  • Registered break tank and air gap details.



Changes can be made to your form if you require alternative pre-set options. Please contact Simplifi to talk about this further.