We’re keen to update you on the new changes to ServiceM8 – the 2022 Updates take functionality to the next level!

ServiceM8 11.0

We’re impressed by the improvements and believe they’ll help many of you better streamline ServiceM8 for your businesses.

Although there are not too many totally new concepts, they have now stepped up some really critical functions and turned them from ‘workable’ to ‘awesome’.

  • Job Card Improvements

  • Dispatch Board Improvements

  • Bundles

  • Time Tracking & Billable Time

Job Card Improvements.

For those times you don’t get a contact’s email or phone number the first time round, or misspell their name, you can now simply add or edit these details on the job card, and it will update the client card. Save Email & Mobile details from the App. Send SMS to multiple people at once. Just paste in the numbers, and Send. You can now actually Forward Emails! Recurring Jobs has been ramped up – it can now be searched & sorted, allocated to multiple staff and updated via the scheduled bookings. Plus, now you can Filter your Job Diary, see past bookings, stop scheduled communication and expand your Job Card at the click of a button!

Dispatch Board Improvements.

Time to tighten up your Dispatch Board and make it less out-of-the-box! Order your Staff ListRe-order your Queues. Both are set per user, so it can be made perfect for their job role. Collapse Queues & Staff on Dispatch board to keep cleaner and increase size of calendar. Create a Job directly from a gap in the Schedule!


A new way to improve consistency & pre-planning of your pricing, quoting & invoicing. You can now roll several items of labour, materials or services into a preset ‘bundle’, with a single description for clients to see on your quotes & invoices. Bundles makes it easier to accurately charge for your services and systemise your pricing, while guiding your clients to focus on the value and outcomes they’re paying for.

Time Tracking & Billable Time.

A completely new time-tracking engine, powered by artificial intelligence, to make tracking and charging for your time easier, more consistent across your team, and less of a chore. ServiceM8 will automatically Clock you On & Off your shift, and Check you In & Out of jobs throughout the day, so you can focus on your work & clients. To help with payroll and keep your shift times accurate, we’re introducing the ability to ‘roll back’ your Clock Off time. Now, when there’s a tracked Trip on a job, it’s presented as a step of the Check Out process, so you can choose to add the Trip as billable time, or not, without having to remember. Combine this with improvements in Reporting, where you can find out what Jobs are making up the numbers you’re looking at, and you can now use ServceM8 to understand more about your business than ever before!