ServiceM8 had us worried with the delay in their annual update (to be fair, they do have to wait for Apple to release the iOS update)… but, it is totally worth the wait!

ServiceM8 9.0

Whilst last year focussed on wholesale upgrades to the GPS, this year improves a massive gamut of features, and every stakeholder involved benefits!

Some of our favourites include:

  • Easy Booking Confirmations.

  • Social Media and Google Interactions and Reports.

  • Widgets – Job List and Next Job – which includes a count down timer – on your Home Screen!

  • Recurring Payments for your Subscription services.

  • Get customer sign-off outside of the app.

  • Provide your customer with a live list of outstanding invoices.

  • Email Autocomplete – any email address related to a job is available via a dropdown menu.

As exciting as these updates are, it doesn’t compare to

This awesome new app integrates with your ServiceM8 account, and creates the capability of one number accesible by multiple people, transfer calls, designate an on call Staff Member, Report on call activity (how many calls, how many were missed and what revenue was generated. Imagine the possibilities!!

While the new app was announced today, it is not yet live. To get on the waiting list, please let us know, or go to your ServiceM8 AddOn Store, activate the AddOn and click “Connect”, then follow the prompt. The App is available in the App Store on your device.

Some of the new features open up great opportunity to improve some of your existing processes. If you’d like to book in to discuss the changes and how they impact your business, book a time with us!