ServiceM8 2019 Launch - Simplifi

The 2019 update to ServiceM8 (or ServiceM8 8.0) has been released, and the team at Simplifi is super excited!!

Each year ServiceM8 release a number of improvements and upgrades to make sure ServiceM8 remains top of the pops for usability and value for money features. Last year, their focus was on increasing the number of features to the platform, with the introduction of Asset Management and Knowledge, as well as major improvements to Online Bookings and Quote Options.

So what does ServiceM8 8.0 Promise?

2019 has seen an overhaul of the GPS system used by the platform, as well as further integration with Siri and maximising the features of IOS 13 (released 19 Sept 19). The increased usability and information of the system shines through in loads of different ways. If you missed the launch, we recommend watching it – there are a ton of improvements, tweaks and ideas that will help to improve your business.

Some of our favourite improvements include:

  • Automated time tracking for your staff – Staff administration for you and for them just got a little bit easier!!
  • 2-Way Text Messages – Your customers can now reply!!
  • Use of links within ServiceM8 – all phone numbers, website and email addresses are now clickable. You can also create a task from the diary by allocating to @staff and #JobNumber will create a link to the Job Card.
  • Swipe down to close screen (job/form, etc) means an easier to navigate app; and
  • Mark up your images and diagrams from within ServiceM8.

There are some cosmetic changes in ServiceM8 8.0 that you may notice straight away. For example, the Home Screen has received a makeover and you may see more information popping up that you hadn’t noticed before. Some other changes, will not be so obvious. I think that Dark Mode, with it’s black interface and dark lines – which is a new Apple feature that ServiceM8 has made sure it’s nailed with the 2019 update, will become the standard mode of operation for many ServiceM8 users.

Coming soon, we will be breaking down some of the features that we think are the best. If you have any special requests, please let us know, and feel free to share our emails with your friends.

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