Marketing Stocktake Square

Sales and marketing are an important part of business. Some even call it a “necessary evil”! Has your brand developed over time? Are you constantly adding new tools to your toolkit? Are all of your customer interactions working well together?

Inconsistency in your brand or communication style can be detrimental to your overall effort.

One analogy a past boss of mine used was a team tug of war. When everyone is doing their job, and working together, there is a great chance of success. But when one person is out of synch it’s much harder for the whole team. And if everyone is pulling in different directions, it’s certain disaster, no matter how strong the team is.

Time to take stock of your efforts.

The Simplifi Sales & Marketing Stocktake is a review of everything customer related within your business. There are 8 areas that we review including who your customers are, what your business goals are, and how your team interact with your customers. We look at the full customer experience, from incoming enquiries through to collecting the cash.

We highlight what we see as your strengths, and if there are any improvement suggestions that we find, we’ll put together a simple to follow, action-oriented task list for you to follow. We’ll check back in a few months to see how you’re travelling. If you need or want any help along the way, we’re here for that, too!!

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